We offer the Honorary Doctorate Degree which is conferred upon distinguished Pastors, Evangelists, Bishops, Apostles, Prophets, Bible Teachers, community leaders, Humanitarians, Government leaders, Business men and women or anyone who have made significant contributions in their respective fields or for the extension of God’s Kingdom, Civic services, Business, and community.

We do not sell the Doctorate but we honor the great work the individual has done.  We ask for a donation to support our international Ministries and Humanitarian Aid Ministry. 


1. Archbishop, Dr Elijah Ngwenya: Doctor of Christian Leadership
2. Archbishop, Dr. Malusi Philani Luthuli: Doctor of Christian Leadership & Community Services
3. Reverend, Dr. Celimpilo Ignatures Thusi: Doctor of Divinity
4. Hn.Dr. Lindani Biyela: Doctor of Divinity
5. Bishop, Dr. Moilwa Dolf Leeuw: Doctor of Ministry
6. Pastor, Dr. Thenjiwe Eunice Bhanda: Doctor of Ministry
7. Bishop, Dr. Cyprian Mumba: Doctor of Divinity
8. The Group of Archbhishops who were hononered for preaching in the trains in Durban kwaMashu for more than 20 years: Dr Mavuso, Dr. Dladla, Dr. Khumalo, Dr Sibiya &Dr Sishi. 

9.Apostle Dr. Samuel Tukumana: Doctor of Ministry

10.Bishop Professor Cyprian Mumba: Professor of Christian Leadership and Church Management

11.Pastor Dr. Abigail Kadimba: Doctor of Humanities

12.Evangelist Dr. Khulekani Mphathi Mbatha: Doctor of Biblical Education

13.Archbishop. Professor Thulani Jonney Kefile: Professor of Christian Leadership & Christian Education

14.Bishop. Professor. Tapfumeneyi Chitsa: Professor of Christian Education and studies

15. Professor Soenke Claussen: Professor of Church Leadership and Management (Germany)

16. Professor  Daneil Dela: Professor of Christian Education (Ghana)

17. Professor Bonakele Shadrack Jantjies: Professorship in Theology and Facilitation

18. Professor Suraj Kumar Soru: Professorship in Ministry and Facilitation

19. Professor Pabitra Kumar Hail: Professorship in Ministry and Facilitation

20. Professor Silas Dacosta Aboagye: Professorship in Ministry and Facilitation

21. Professor A. Dinesh Kumar: Professorship in High Education

22. Professor Buhari Isah: Professor of Arbitration & Mediation

23. Professor Kennedy Songwe: Professorship in Church Administrstion & Management

24. Professor Mulonyeni Phiri: Professorship in Theology

25. Professor Olowooke David Femi: Professorship in Biblical Studies

26. Professor Obedi Mokoba: Professorship in Church management

27. Dr. Festus Olaniyan Adesida: Doctor of Divinity

28. Dr. Alexander Richard Wagner: Doctor of of Divinity

29. Dr. Barnabas Godfrey Chihekwe: Doctorate in Religious Economic

30. Dr. Adeniyi Emmanuel Olamide: Doctor of Divinity

31. Dr. Abioye Peter: Doctor of Divinity

32. Dr. Benjamin Akinyombo: Doctor of Divinity

33. Dr. Olusegun Oyebonde: Doctor of Divinity

34. Dr. Ola Tundee Peter: Doctor of Christian Teaching Ministry

35. Prof. Pale Sansan Hermann: Professorship in Church Management

36. Prof. Emaka Gospel Ifediorah: Doctor of Philosophy in Hermenuetics and Communication Skills

37. Dr. Edward Christopher Yao Agumenu: Doctor of Christian Leadership

38. Apostle,Dr. James Kofi Nartey: Doctor of Church Administration

39. Edward Christopher Agumenu: Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Church Leadership

40. Dr. Thabang Rowen Mncwabe: Doctorate in Community Development

41. Dr. Lionel David Harry: Doctorate in Pastoral Psychology

42. Dr. Henry Randolf Julius: Doctorate in Pastoral Psychology

43. Dr. Soenke Claussen: Honorary PhD in Economics and Management

44. Dr Anand Tiwari: Honorary Doctorate in Medical and Health Care

45. Dr. Tarun Pal (West Bengai, India): Honorary Doctorate in Dead Animals Research, Honorary Doctorate in Marketing & Management

46. Dr. Premananda Pal (Bowai, Burdwan, West Bengal, India) Doctorate in Astrology

47. Prof. Joseph Wilondja Ebuela (Lilongwe Malawi) Appointed Professor in Curriculum Development.

48. Dr. Jitendra Singh: Founder & President of World Human Rights Education Commission

49. Dr. Chiemeka Chiedozie, Logos, Nigeria: founder of Writers College

50. Dr. Sello Simon Motone: Doctor of Ministry

51, Dr. Julius Denyigba: Doctor of Philosophy in Christian Education

52. Dr. Menias Gondora: Doctor of Leadership and Education

53: Prof. Willem Joseph : Honorary Professorship

53..Distinguished Professsorship: Prof. Jonathan Zozi: Licensed Professor in Humanity

54.Prof. Akamandisa Mwiba: Professor in Christian Leadership & Management

55.Prof. Mlungiseni Zebulon Jwara: Professor in Theology and indigenous Knowledge

56.Dr.Azalekor Anthony McLord: Doctorate in Biblical Studies

57.Dr. Delator Emmanuel Increase: Doctorate in Biblical Studies

58.Dr.Thulani Alfred Simayile: Doctor of Philosophy in Linguistics and Literature

59.Professor Tarun Pal: Professorship in Educational Management

60.Rev. Dr. Rudolf George Anthony  Faerber: Doctor of Divinity

61.Prophet, Dr. Mwenze Ngoy Kasambula Mechak: Doctor of Divinity



(1) Pastor Violet Lukwesa
NRC 266569/33/1
- Doctor of Biblical Education (D.B.ED)

(2) Apostle Lucky Kaluba
-NRC 140430/95/1
-Doctor of Ministry (DMn)

(3) Pastor Jockey Ngulube
- NRC 794506/11/1 
-Doctor of Divinity (DD)

(4) Pastor Wibson Sichalwe
- NRC 129614/95/1
- Doctor of Divinity ( DD)

(5) Pastor Timothy Njabala
-NRC 196578/75/1
-Doctor of Biblical Education (D.B.ED)

(6) Pastor Mwape Musunga Musonda -NRC 898523/11/1
- Professor of Christian Leadership and church Management (P.H.D)H.C

(7) Bishop Kasafya Moses Kalenga
-NRC 268203/66/1
- Doctor of Ministry ( DMn)

(8) Apostle Joshua Mpanga
-NRC 367454/65/1
-Doctor of Divinity ( DD)

(9) Pastor Susan Ndhlovu
-NRC 675821/11/1
-Doctor of Biblical Education (D.B.ED))

(10)Bishop Amos Kalebweta
NRC 218265/16/1
- Doctor of Biblical Education (D.B.ED).

(11) Pastor Chester Malila
-NRC 342579/11/1
- Professor of Christian Leadership and church Management (P.H.D)H.C

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