Isibusiso Solwazi Apostolic Ministries Council of Bible Schools and Churches is a non-profit association of independent Christian Universities, Bible Schools, Seminaries and Churches committed to academic excellence, intellectual freedom, ethical conduct, and moral integrity. Our purpose is to Authorize, Recognize and Accredit Theological and Religious Institutions for Christian higher education to fulfill the will of God. We mentored,guide and fathering our members and our affiliaties to produce a quality Christian education.

Registered with Department of Social Development as the Non Profit Organisation (South Africa) Reg. No. 247-332 NPO

In Affiliation with TECHM The Ealry House Church International - Christ Global Bible Schools Affiliations, USA

Accredited by Saint Martin's Center For Research and Accreditation Commission (SMCRAC) in Australia

We are called by God to the ministry of good news and we solemnly commited to a life of obedience and selfless servants to the glory of God and to empower His people with knowledge. 
Therefore as members we will serve with :
*Personal Character 
-To exalt Christ not self
-Be honest 
-Not over-promising 
-Be diligent 
-Not Slotful
*Personal care
-Care spiritual, mental, emotional and physical. 
*Preaching and Teaching 
-Interpret the bible correctly and applied it desceningly
-To show integrity in teaching 
-speak truth

-Demonstrate a commitment to the well-being of entire organization 
-Respond sensitively and appropriately to the needs and requests of the ministry 
-Keep promises at all times
-Model the trustworthiness of God in leadership to encourage trustworthiness in others.

-Communicate trustfuly and discreetly 
Tell the truth 

-Be honest and prudent in refards to
personal and ministry resources 
-Ensure gift and resources are used for intended ministerial purpose 

-Maintain sexual purity 
-Avoid sinful sexual behaviour and inappropriate involvement at all cost

-Study the word regularly and understand its message 
-Embrace sound biblical doctrine 
-Take biblical teaching authoritative ovet all other sources 

Do not take advantage of the vulnerabilities of others through exploitation or manipulation 
-All misconduct of members shall be dealt promptly and appropriately by the ministry 

-Promote a transparent and acceptable accounting practices by regular audit
-Ensure funds are used for intended ministerial purpose 

-To be clear in authority structure decision making and position ,description and grievance policies 
-Model accountability at the organizational level

-Build God's kingdom in cooperation not in competition with other ministries 
-Provide Christian ministry to public as possible 


* Any Christain Church/ Organisation/ Ministry/ Bible School can affiliate with us, it can be a headquaters or a branch of that Church or Organisation.


*Endorsed, Authorized and Accredit the Christian Institutions: Universities, Colleges, Schools, Serminaries and Churches

*Evaluate and assess the institution's curriculum, statements of faith or doctrine that is it meet the prescribe and statement of faith of Isibusiso Solwazi Apostolic Ministries and the commision of Jesus Christ.

* Provide the inspiring workshops and trainings for Church Leaders that provide information based in Church Management,Church Development and Pastoral Counseling.

* Provide the Spiritual Counseling.
* Ordimations and Consecrations for: Archbishop, Bishop, Apostle, Prophet, Pastors.
*We help Church ministers to be a Marriage Officers
* To honor the Church leaders whom make a difference in the community and in the gospel with a church doctorate award.
* Assist congregations with the registrations to NRIC as well as a nonprofit organization.

* An affiliate church or bible college will donate to the organization for the Administration and projects of the ministry.
* Other financial contributions  will come from the ministers ordainations or consecration, typing of certificate for bible colleges, churches as well as on honorary doctorates.
* We will accept Contributions from stakeholders or any other organization to enhance the organization's vision.

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