Bishop, Prof. Sibusiso Zakhele Shobede

He was born on December 19th, 1986 at Nkwalini, Melmoth, Kwazulu Natal, the first born of Jabulile Maria Shobede and Eliot Majola and he raised by maternal grandparents maMtshali and Shobede Fangazi . Studied his primary education from St Pauls Primary School and went to Ihawulethu High School. He is a professional teacher of Geography & Social Science at Matamzana-Dube Secondary School and he employed by Department of Education. He was baptized by Holy Spirit on the February 3rd, 2003 under the old man Archbishop,Dr. E. Ngwenya his Spiritual father

He possess B.Ed Degree in Human Social Sciences from University of Zululand. Marketing Management from IQ Academy, After obtaining this qualifications he moved to Esikhawini, Richard's bay in 2010.

He had a zeal of Studing a theological studies in 2008 until today. Here is his academic history:

1.Diploma in ministry: Holy Nation Bible College
2. Advanced Diploma in Church Leadership: Holy Nation Bible College
3. Senior Diploma in Theology: Holy Nation Bible College
4. International Diploma in Theology: Holy Nation Bible College
5. Bachelor of Education in Social Sciences: University of Zululand
6. Master’s Degree in Theology: Isibusiso Solwazi School of Theology
7.Honorary Doctorate in Bible Education: Kings Cross Victory Bible College
8. Honorary Doctorate in Divinity: International Institute of Biblical Studies
9. Honorary Doctorate in Ministry: TECHM Christ Global Bible Schools,USA
10. Doctor of Philosophy in Indigeneous Knowledge: Mhlabuhlangene School of African Medicine
11. Honorary Doctorate in Humanitarian Services: Union Of Culture and World Peace
12. Honorary Doctorate in Humanity: International Forum of Creativity and Humanity
13. Doctorate in Healing Ministry: Miracle Evangelism Bible College
14. Honorary Doctorate in Humanities: Theophany University
15. Doctor of Philosophy in Global Development: Theophany International University
16. Honorary Professorship in Christian Education: Los Engeles Development Church and Institute
17. Honorary Professorship in  Philosophy : Dominion Mission Theological University
18. Professorship in Indiginous Knowledge & Facilitation: Mhlabuhlangene School of African Medicine.
19. Appointed Professor of Philosophy: Union Of Culture and World Peace
20. Professorship in Healing Ministry: Miracle Evengelism Bible College


He serves as Bishop at General Mission Church of Christ. He is the Founder and Chancellor of Isibusiso Solwazi School of Theology, he is the President and founder of Isibusiso Solwazi Apostolic Ministry which is the network of independent churches and ministries.
He is the South Africa Co-ordinator of Apostolic Favour Ministerial Network of Africa, Co-founder of The Early Church House Ministries International - TECHM, Representative of National Register of Independent Churches (NRIC), Member of International Leadership Cabinet of TECHM Christ Global Bible School Affiliation (USA), Representative of International Association for Biblical Education IABE and General Secretary of the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit Organization.
He is a Co-Founder of Zinqobele Community Development and Institute which is an organisation that is give to the needy people in deep rural areas. He groomed a lot of young mans about the life in general and in Gospel under his mission called Dr. S.Z Empire.

He is the teacher, life couch, advisor, humanitarian he is known as the "Father of All" , He got a number of Awards:

1. International  Leadership Award:
Access To Human Rights International

2. Leadership & Management Excellent Award:
KGN Humanity Social  Services Foundation

3. Ghandhi Peace Price Award:
Algilani International Ahlebait Council

4. Visionary Leader Award:
Access To Human Rights International

5. World Humanitarian Award:
Society for Rural  & Urban Development Through Holistic Approach Trust

6. Best Humanitarian Award:
KGN Humanity Social  Services Foundation

7. Justice Of Peace Award:
Union of Culture &  Wolrd Peace

8. Human Rights Activist Awards:
Arbitrators Media Information

9. International Star  Excellence Award:
Union of Culture & World Peace

10. Outstanding Environmentalist Awards:
United Nexus Organisation

11. 07 Honorary Doctorates Awards

12. 03 Professorship Appointments

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